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Why Re-tile when you can Re-grout

Is your mouldy & dirty grout making your tiles look old & tired?  No amount of chemical cleaners have lasting results!
Then consider having your grout repaired. Both time-saving and cost-effective compared to retiling or renovating. Quite often the tiles are still in good condition. The problem is the grout surrounding the tiles which have become cracked, dirty or fallen out.
Bring your tiles back to life with our Tile regrouting services. Our services range from retiling, re-grout,  Balconies, bathroom repairs or rejuvenation services for presale properties.
We provide quick professional tile regrouting at a fair price. Your local tile & grout repair experts in Sydney. Call the team at SealTech to see what services we can provide you.

Benefits of Regrouting

  • Cost-Effective – The cost of regrouting tiles is far more economical in retiling or renovating. To regrout a shower is less than half the price of a rebuild.
  • Time – Regrouting can bo completed in a day, dependent on the size of the area. In comparison to a retile or renovation which can take upwards of a week.
  • Appearance – The inexpensive option to change the look of your tile in comparison to a retile. There’s no doubt that new clean grout will improve the aesthetics of your existing tiles.
  • Environmental – Grout covered in the mould is not only unpleasant to look at

When is Tile Regrouting Needed

If your grout is showing the following symptoms. You know it’s time for grouting repairs.

  • Missing or deteriorated grout
  • Persistent mould or mildew
  • Tiles are loose or drummy
  • Grout is discoloured
  • Cracked grout especially in wet zones of your home
  • Calcium buildup on tiles

Grouting Repair Services

When the grout starts destroying the look of your tiles and your rooms aesthetics. Call the team at SealTech Solutions for our grouting repair services. Our team can advise you on the right service for your grout repair.
SealTech prides itself on providing affordable and quality grout repairs. For this reason, we will only use premium products and follow detailed work practices with repairs. There are a wide range and differing qualities of grout on the market. But the principle is always the same if you want quality repairs you need quality products. Which is why we will only use premium products to ensure you receive lasting finishes.
Our team will advise you on the right grout for your job.

Tile Regrouting Process

Preparation – The correct preparation tile regrouting process is essential for repairs that last. With the use of specialized tools old grout will be removed to a required depth. Once completed all joints are cleaned to remove all dust and debris. The preparation is the most time-consuming part of the process but a requisite to achieve quality repairs.
Application of Grout – Dependent on the service agreed upon. The grout will then be reapplied in all joints.
Clean – Ensure all grout residue and haze is removed. All rubbish removed and premises left clean & tidy.

Areas covered by our Tile Regrouting Services

Available for Residential & Commercial Customers


Shower Regrout

Includes Epoxy Grout for shower floor


Bathroom Regrout

Whether it’s a fixing a leaking shower or just a bathroom refresh


Balcony Regrouting

To fix balcony leaks or just update the look of your balcony


Kitchen Splashback & Laundries


Indoor Floor Tiles


Common Areas in Apartment Blocks

Regrout Shower & Bathroom

Bathroom grout displaying the following- cracked, missing or mould. Then you know it’s time for a bathroom regrout.

Bathrooms are moist and humid in fact perfect breeding grounds for mould and mildew. Once started no amount of cleaning can eradicate the mould and grime. The best solution is to re-grout your tiles. As the bathroom is a wet area it’s always best to have a professional assess the area as there could be underlying issues. For example, missing grout within a shower allows water penetration under the tiles. To ensure your shower is sealed correctly we recommend using epoxy grout on the shower floor. Due to its waterproof properties compared to conventional cement grout which is porous.

Some may wander down the DIY path, but when it comes to your bathroom it’s best left to a professional.  Grouting may seem easy but unless you have the tools and knowledge it can quickly turn into a disaster. Regrouting can improve the appearance of your tiles when done correctly.

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