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Specialise In Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney

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Leaking Shower repairs Sydney, We stop Leaking Showers!

  Our shower repairs can seal your leaking shower and still be easy on the budget. Our waterproofing sealing solutions allows us to seal and stop leaks without removing tiles. This causes minimal disruption to your home and is easy on your budget.
Leaking showers left for some time are destructive to your home as well as being expensive. Your bathroom waterproofing can fail. Prolonged water exposure deteriorates the membrane. Once this has failed the water can travel to the structural parts of your home. Structural repairs are both costly and lengthy to fix.   
    We offer the complete sealing services for leaking shower repairs Sydney wide.
SealTech Solutions offers 100% guarantee satisfaction with all our products and workmanship. We are committed to providing you with the best advice in waterproofing sealing solutions for both effective and affordable shower sealing services.
Call our family today for a free inspection and quote servicing Sydney region.         

It is Crucially Important for The Correct Shower Repair Assessment

A shower leak can be caused by a multitude of reasons which is why the diagnosis is critical. Shower repairs should always be conducted by an experienced tradesman, not a salesperson.  Our experienced tradesmen have the equipment, knowledge and skills to diagnose the source of the leak. A professional will not only be able to detect the visible signs of a leak but check for structural integrity. With our technology, we can locate the source of the leak without removing tiles and destroying your home.  In the end, our technician will advise on the correct sealing solution needs for your shower repair. Throughout the entire assessment, you will receive an explanation and be able to discuss all findings.  Knowledge allows you to make an informed decision on your shower repair. So feel free to ask as many questions as you need. When choosing a shower repair company, ensure you have the confidence and trust in the person performing your assessment.  At SealTech Solutions, We still believe in "Good Old Fashioned Service" and repairs that last. Our team will be with you every step of the way from the time of the first call and well and truly after the service. We are fully insured and licensed and guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our work and service. 

Questions about your Leaking Shower Repairs

Need advice on leaking shower repairs, Have some questions that you would like to discuss. At sealtech, We're happy to help you with your leaking shower repairs Sydney wide, We also service balcony repairs

Some Causes Of Leaking Showers

Why Is my Shower Leaking?


We believe most leaking showers aren't all due to plumbing problems, One of the major problems is "building movement",  Building movement occurs naturally, either through temperature changes or settlement of your home to its foundations. This movement causes the walls and floors to move and weaken joints, separating silicone seals and grout joints to weaken and crack. 

Water can then penetrate under the floor tile and be trapped between the tile and waterproof membrane. Left untreated over time it will undermine the stability of the membrane. From here it can freely travel to nearby structural components in your bathroom.

Early leak detection of leaking showers allows most leaking showers to be sealed without the need to remove any tiles.  

Your home is the largest investment you will make in your life. Don't let a leaking shower damage your home.

Signs of a Leaking Shower

 Here are some signs that you may notice when your leaking shower has a leaking problem.

  •  Musty smell coming from the bathroom that no amount of air freshener can get rid off
  • The grout in your shower is loose or missing. 
  • Shower walls and the shower floor are showing signs of discoloured grout or a buildup of mould
  • Cracked, loose or hollow sounding tiles
  • Rotting timber around the doorways
  •  Wet carpet to hallways of bathroom floor

 If your leaking shower is showing any of these signs of leaks then you have come to the right place. Sealtech team specialise in leaking shower repairs Sydney wide. We also fix Leaking Balconies.   

Leaking Shower Repair Services

Tile Re-Grout Service

Tile Regrouting improves the appearance of your tiled area at a fraction of the cost Re-tiling or renovating.  Quite often the tiles are still in good condition but it is only the grout surrounding the tiles has deteriorated. Showing signs of general wear and tear, loose or cracked grout,drummy tiles or mouldy silicone which destroys the appearance of your tiles.
We can bring your tiles back to life and save you money by not having to re-tile. Our Tile Re-grouting Service can be used in the following areas:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundries
  • Kitchen Backsplash (both residential and commercial)
  • Internal floor tiles
  • Outdoor floor tiles

Tile Re-Grout Service 

  1. Remove existing grout and silicone and clean
  2. Replace with mould resistant grout
  3. Replace with a new flexible sealant to vertical and perimeter joints
  4. All dust and debris removed

Epoxy Grout Service

Epoxy grout is the best choice for all your wet areas such as Bathrooms, Showers, Laundries, Kitchens, Balconies, Patios and Pool Surrounds.
Traditional cement-based grouts are porous that allow both moisture and dirt to be absorbed into the grout leading to stained and mouldy grout.  With time if any cracks appear it leads to further water penetration under your tiles and if the waterproofing membrane has been damaged or not applied properly this can be where the structural problems can occur.

Unlike the cement grout, Epoxy Grout is an extremely durable product that is non-porous, flexible and practically stain-proof.  The other great advantage of Epoxy Grout is that it doesn't need to be sealed as it is non-porous. Because Epoxy Grout is so durable, it's ideal for all high traffic areas and rooms where there is a lot of moisture such as Bathrooms, Showers, Laundries, Balconies in your home.  
Consider using Epoxy Grout for an  Affordable Sealing Solutions for all Shower Repairs And Balcony Repairs.

Epoxy grout is also aesthetically pleasing with its different colour combinations available.
Some of the colours available  are
Light Grey                    Cream
Medium Grey                    Off  White
Charcoal Grey                    Sandstone
Serving Leaking Balcony Repairs and Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney wide

Shower Waterproofing Service

Contact us to discuss any waterproofing needs that you may require

Shower Repairs Services in Sydney

 SealTech Solutions can assist you in all your shower sealing solutions and leaking shower repairs Sydney wide from start to finish. Delivering you the highest Quality in Products, Workmanship,  Service. Your cost-effective Affordable Sealing Solution Guaranteed.   


Leaking Shower Repair Process

Seal Shower Base Service

  1. All existing grout is removed to the required depth from internal floor junctions of the shower seal including floor waste.  
  2. All Silicon inside shower screen and vertical joints is removed 
  3. Hi-Grade epoxy grout is injected in all the perimeter junctions,  tile joints and inside and around the perimeter of the floor waste.
  4. New Mould resistant flexible silicone is applied to shower screen vertical joints and perimeter junctions over the epoxy grout to act as a double seal.
  5. All rubbish removed and site left Clean.  

Shower Full Seal Service

  1.  All existing grout is removed to the required depth from internal floor junctions of the shower including floor waste.   
  2.  All Silicon inside shower screen and vertical joints is removed  
  3. New wall grout is applied with inbuilt mould  inhibitors
  4. Premium high-grade epoxy is applied to floor joints, perimeter junctions as well as around the perimeter and floor waste.
  5. A new high-grade flexible sealant is applied to vertical and perimeter junctions and all tap penetrations.
  6. All Rubbish Removed Left Clean.

Shower Over Bath Full Seal Service

  1. Remove all existing grout to a required depth from wall tiles
  2. Remove all existing silicone from perimeters and spindle surrounds
  3. New wall grout is applied with inbuilt mould inhibitors
  4. New mould resistant flexible silicone is applied to bath perimeter and vertical joints and all tap penetrations.  For baths with shower screen, all vertical joints are sealed. 
  5.  All Rubbish Removed and site left Clean. 

Some Of Our Shower Repairs in sydney

Shower Base Repair

shower base repair

Leaking shower bases should never be left for too long before they are repaired. Water seepage under the tile cause damage not only to the substrate but to surrounding areas.  Caught early leaks in the base can be repaired without removing the tiles. 

Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney

Leaking shower repairs

 Our specialty and experience is leaking shower repairs Sydney.  It's vital to have the source of the leak investigated first before commencing any repairs.

Shower Waterproofing

Shower waterproofing Sydney, shower waterproofing, shower sealing

For all your Leaking Shower repairs and bathroom waterproofing in Sydney.  

 We only use high-grade epoxy grout to ensure lasting results.  Your shower/bathroom sealed without the removal of tiles.