Sealing Leaking Showers Sydney Wide

Waterproof Solutions for a Leaking Showers
without removing tiles

SealTech Solutions, Specialty is providing quality shower sealing leak repairs, and waterproofing seal services for your shower or bathroom. Our non-invasive repair methods not only save you money but time. Most showers are repaired in a day and can be used within 24 hours. If a plumbing issue isn’t the source of your shower leak. It could be caused by building movement which may have caused the separation between wall and floor junctions. Coupled with missing grout and broken sealants within the shower. All combining to allow moisture to penetrate under tiles and deteriorate the waterproof membrane.
Did you know that approximately 95% of showers can be sealed without the need to remove tiles? Although it’s important that a thorough assessment is conducted by an experienced and licensed trade. To ensure that the source of the shower leak is located. Enabling for a correct repair method carried out to stop the leaks. For this reason, we ensure that our repair methods are on point and only use premium products. We take pride in our work and guarantee you 100% satisfaction.
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Complete Range of Shower Seal Solutions

Shower Base Service

The best option for a shower sealing base repair where the wall grout is still in good condition. Grout on the walls is not showing any signs of mould or missing and deteriorated grout.


sealing a shower in Sydney


  • Removal of all existing floor & perimeter grout. If present the shower hob will be included.  Using a specialized tool the grout is taken out to a required depth. By doing this we ensure that a good layer of epoxy grout is applied later. Ensuring that results last.
  • Silicone is removed from all internal junctions of the shower base. It also includes all internal vertical junctions.
  • Any signs of mould from within the shower are removed.


  • All internal junctions, shower perimeters and inside & outside of the floor waste are sealed with high-grade epoxy grout.
  • Water & Chemical resistance are just some of the qualities of Epoxy grout. It’s a durable product that won’t crack, peel or fade. As an added bonus it is easy to maintain.


  • A water and mould resistant silicone seal is applied to shower base perimeters & internal vertical joints. Internal joints of the shower screen included. This will ensure that a double seal is present on the shower base for added protection.
  • To finish off we ensure that the tap spindles are sealed as well.


  • Your premises will be left clean and tidy.

DOUBLE BASE (more than 1M x 1M) FROM $540.00

Full Shower Service

Shower sealing service, Best for showers that have been leaking for an extended period of time. Wall grout is deteriorated, missing & mouldy


completed a shower seal


  • Remove all existing floor & perimeter grout to the required depth using a specialised tool (NB. This will also include the shower hob if one present)
  • Remove wall grout to the required depth. Please note that we do not remove cement-based grout from wall tiles. Cement-based grout is very difficult to remove without scratching or damaging tiles.
  • Remove silicon from all internal junctions of the shower base. This will include all vertical junctions within the shower
  • Removal of all mould that is present within internal of the shower


  • Apply specialised full epoxy grout pro to all internal junctions, perimeters and inside and around the floor waste. Epoxy grout is water and chemical resistant product. Known for its durability and ease of maintenance. Won’t crack, peel or fade.


  • Apply mould resistant grout to wall tiles to the height of the shower screen, unless specified otherwise.


  • To ensure a double seal. Water and mould resistant sealant is applied to perimeters of shower base and all internal vertical joints within the shower. This includes the internal areas of the shower screen.
  • Silicone sealant applied to tap spindles


  • Our technician will ensure your shower is cleaned and ready to use the next day. No need to come home to any nasty surprises.
DOUBLE (more than 1M x 1M) FROM $690.00

Bath Perimeter Seal

Bath perimeter seal, Best service when the grout is in good condition

repaired a bath perimeter sealed

FROM $160.00

  • Remove existing silicone sealant from bath perimeters and wall junctions
  • Apply with silicone sealant to bath perimeter and wall junctions
  • All rubbish removed and the area cleaned

 Over Bath Seal

Shower sealing over bath seal, when the grout is in good condition

shower repairs in Sydney

FROM $550.00

  • Remove wall & perimeter grout to the required depth using a specialized tool
  • Remove existing silicone sealant from bath perimeters and wall junctions
  • Apply mould & seal resistant grout to wall tiles and wall junctions.
  • Apply new mould resistant silicone sealant to bath perimeter and wall junctions
  • Apply silicone sealant to tap spindles
  • Area cleaned of all rubbish