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bathroom renovations on a budget

Epoxy grout for Sealing Bathrooms


Bathroom looking a little worse for wear but can’t afford an expensive renovation. 

A bathroom rejuvenation just might be the right decision for you. Whether it’s an update to your forever home, a higher rental income on your investment property or maybe you are selling your home and need to get the best price for it. Whatever your reason may be, one thing that you would have discovered is that bathroom renovations are not only costly, they also take a long time to complete. Homeowners can easily spend upwards of $5,000.00 for a minor renovation in a small bathroom. 

A bathroom rejuvenation can solve your dilemma by reinvigorating and restoring your bathroom back to life. By simply repairing any bathroom leakage problems, fixing a leaking shower, removing mouldy silicone, fixing any broken or cracked grout you can restore the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom affordably and quickly.  Most rejuvenations can be completed in one day, depending on the service chosen.  Always ensure you hire a company that is reputable. Because we are an owner-operated business, we will ensure that you not only receive quality workmanship, products, service and advice but affordable solutions for your rejuvenation needs.

If you can't afford to renovate. Just Rejuvenate it will not only save you time and money, but it will also restore your bathroom's cosmetic appearance.

 Interested in a rejuvenation service and want more information or you would like to discuss any concerns, we're here to help. You can either call us on 1300 356 703  or complete the form on the contact page.  

Our Rejuvenation services also extend to other parts of your home such as front entrances, laundries and balconies.

bathroom sealing solutions, waterproof bathroom, bathroom waterproofing, fix a leaking bathroom.

bathroom sealing solutions, waterproof bathroom, bathroom waterproofing, fix a leaking bathroom.

Rejuvenation Services

Tile Re-Grouting Service

  Tile re-grouting improves the appearance of your tiled area at a fraction of the cost re-tiling or renovating.  Quite often the tiles are still in good condition but it is only the grout surrounding the tiles that have deteriorated. Showing signs of general wear and tear, loose or cracked grout, drummy tiles or mouldy silicone which destroys the appearance of your tiles. We can bring your tiles back to life and save you money by not having to re-tile. 

Our tile regrouting can be used in the following areas of your home:

  • Bathrooms, Showers
  • Laundries
  • Kitchen splashbacks  (both residential and commercial)
  • Internal floor tiles
  • Outdoor floor tiles

Bathroom Tile Caulk, Sealant

 Dirty stained and mouldy silicone in your shower and bathroom not only looks unsightly but it is also unhygienic. They are breeding grounds for germs especially if located in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundry or kitchens. In wet areas, the broken sealant can lead to water penetration under tiles and cause further damage to surrounding areas. 

With the advancement in technology through the years, the silicone seals on the market these days are not only more durable they have also have inbuilt mould inhibitors. We only use hi-grade professional silicone formulated specifically for wet areas for long-lasting results.

Tired of looking at your mouldy silicone then contact us to discuss what caulking needs that you require. 


If you are selling your home you know that presentation plays a huge impact on buyer's when viewing properties.   Your home is probably the biggest investment that you have made so it makes sense that you would like to receive the maximum return on your investment. It's common knowledge that the two interior spaces that add the most value to a house are the kitchen and bathroom, they are also the most costly to renovate.  

If you are selling your home your bathroom will be one of the important selling points, unless you are selling a luxury home buyer's are looking for a bathroom that is in good conditions, tidy and clean. Any evident leaks, peeling paint or mould will always send alarm bells ringing for buyers. 

Call us today to discuss what services we can provide to suit your budget.

Silicone sealing & tile re-grouting repairs

Bathroom Refresh

Bathroom refresh cut costs on expensive renovations

If the budget is tight but your Bathroom is screaming for attention try our bathroom rejuvenation services.  A bathroom refresh not only improves the appearance of your bathroom it also adds value to your property.

Bathroom caulk solutions

Caulking Skirting Boards

Caulking creates a barrier to stop elements such as water, in the case of bathrooms entering gaps and destroying nearby structural fixtures of your home.

Contact us to see how we can help you with all your sealing needs.

Kitchen BackSplash

Re-grouting Kitchen Backsplash tiles

Make your tiles on your kitchen backsplash look like new again.  Often the tiles are in good condition it is only the condition of the grout which destroys the appearance of the tiles.