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Delivering leaking balcony repairs, Sydney wide. Our reputation as a company that provides not only top-notch customer service. Coupled with quality workmanship at affordable competitive prices.

Leaking balconies can occur for a variety of reasons. This is why assessments should be completed by a licensed professional.  Who not only has the knowledge of the construction process. But equally important knowledge of balcony waterproofing processes and sealing applications.  Including the use of current technology which can aid in determining the cause of a balcony leak.

The Sealtech Solutions team specializes in balcony leak repair without the removal of tiles. Affordable and cost-effective repairs with minimal downtime and satisfaction guarantee. All backed by our 10-year product warranty for your peace of mind.

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Need a cost-effective leaking balcony sealing service for your balcony leak repair. Talk to an expert at Sealtech Solutions, a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Give us a call to see what waterproof sealing services we can provide you.

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Balcony Waterproofing Sealing System No Tiles Removed
Balcony waterproofing sealing system designed to stop leaks. All without the need to remove tiles. Saving you both money and time with expensive rebuilds.

If your balcony is displaying signs of a water leak. It could mean that your waterproof membrane has failed. Prolonged water penetration leads to the deterioration of the substrate. In turn, causing structural damage to your home. Once this occurs the only option is for an expensive balcony rebuild.

Why delay when we have the technology & products to seal & repair leaks at a fraction of the price of a rebuild.

Fix Balcony Leaks

Seal & fix your balcony leak with our epoxy grout system. Unlike cement grout, flexible epoxy grout is not porous therefore won’t absorb any moisture. Equally important is that it is practically stain-proof, flexible, and durable. Which is why it’s the ideal product for balconies exposed to the elements.

Our balcony leak repair process starts with the removal of all existing grout and sealants. High-grade flexible epoxy grout is then applied to all floor and perimeter joints including floor waste. Completed with the application of a polyurethane sealant to all perimeter junctions and under door frames.

More info on how we seal seal balcony tiles.

Balcony waterproofing without removing tiles

Balcony Leak Repairs from $135 psm*

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Leaking Balcony Repairs Sydney

Australians love the great outdoors, it’s a way of life for us. But over time our tiled areas can become dull and lifeless from exposure to the elements or general wear and tear. We can transform your tiled areas back to life and give them that clean fresh look again.

Our balcony services Include Leaking Balcony repairs, sealing, and resealing services, Re-grouting, epoxy grouting, and sealant replacement. The areas which these services can be applied to include balconies, patios, pool surrounds, and more.

Sydney Balcony Repairs Services

Servicing leaking balcony repairs within the Sydney wide region, both commercial and domestic, from a multi-level high rise apartment block to your residential balconies.

We will provide you with

  • Free onsite assessment & quote
  • On-time service calls
  • Licensed & Experienced Trades
  • Fully insured
  • Warranties per Australian standards.

We are not just a shower repair company, check out our page to see what other services we can offer you.

Comprehensive Leak Repair Assessments

Even small leaks left untreated over time can cause substantial damage to the waterproof membrane. In some cases, water leaking from a balcony can enter your home. Moreover, in the case of high rise apartments, water can travel to the neighboring apartments. Ultimately causing water damage to their walls and ceilings.

Determining where the leak has come from as well as what originally caused it is crucial to the solution provided.

Caught early leaks can be easily sealed. Without the need to remove tiles the process is both cost-effective and efficient.

At the completion of the assessment, we will provide you with an honest and precise analysis of the issues discovered. Finally recommending appropriate sealing repairs to ensure the balcony is 100% waterproofed.

Common Causes of a Balcony Leak

Balcony leaks can be triggered by any number of factors. Listed below are some factors that can contribute to a leak. But by no way is this a comprehensive list. Each leak is unique. Which is why it’s always important to have a professional assess and repair a balcony leak. So the correct treatment can be applied for your leakage problem. To ensure lasting results while still being budget-friendly.

  • Most balcony leaks occur because of waterproofing membrane failure. At times through the incorrect application or the use of a cheap and inferior product.
  • Minimal falls – Most balconies in high rise apartments have been built with minimal falls and inadequate drainage thus putting extra demands on the waterproofing.
  • Extreme weather conditions heat, the cold, wind, and rain play a significant effect on the expansion and contraction of joints in balconies
  • Perimeter seals have deteriorated over time and exposure to the elements
  • Cracked, porous, or loose grout allowing water to be absorbed underneath the tiles.
  • Cracked or broken tiles

Regular inspection and maintenance of your balcony should be carried out regularly. This will alert you to problems before they become major ones. Not sure what to look for, NSW Fair Trading has a Deck and Balcony Safety Guide that can be used for a quick check.

If you have any concerns about repair a balcony leak. Call our team for any balcony leak repair service in Sydney on 1300 356 703. Sealtech solutions your local leaking balcony repairs expert.

Balcony Leaking

Warning Signs of Leaking Balconies

Some of the most common signs of  leaking balconies is cracked or missing grout.  Along with bubbling or peeling paint and water stains on the underside of the balcony.  In some cases you may have water running down walls or through ceilings. Timber joinery on balcony doors will often show signs of deterioration. This is why it’s a good idea to do regular inspections so that you can catch problems at the start.

Waterproof Sealing & Repairs Service

Before & After shots of SealTech Solutions leaking  balcony repairs with our epoxy grouting system. No need for costly and lengthy balcony rebuilds.  Waterproof and seal your leaking balcony without the need to remove tiles. The epoxy grout sealing system can only be done if there is no structural damage. Hence why we always recommend having your leak repaired sooner rather than later.

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