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Fixing a leaking shower at a fraction of the cost of a rebuild. Shower leaks can be annoying and though we might think that our shower is sealed and waterproofed. Unfortunately, the waterproofing membrane can fail after prolonged exposure to moisture. Warning signs of a shower leak can be visible for a period of time. But left unattended will lead to major structural damage to surrounding areas. Unfortunately once this has occurred the only way to fix the problem is for a shower rebuild.

We can identify the source of the leak and advise on the best fix sealing solution for your shower leak. Our qualified technicians have both the tools and experience in detecting and fixing water leaks. 95% of showers can be sealed and waterproofed without the need to remove tiles. Saving you time and money.

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Detecting the source of a shower leak is the first step in the type of shower repair necessary. This is why our trained technicians not only have the knowledge and experience for detecting a water leak but also the necessary tools.

Our thermal imaging camera and moisture meter can detect leaks located behind the tiles without removing any tiles. Our technician can then provide you with the correct sealing solution to fix your shower leak.


The team at SealTech Solutions can assist you with waterproof sealing solutions for your shower leak repair. All repairs are completed by experienced and qualified technicians using premium grade products. Thus repairs are guaranteed to last for your peace of mind.

Some of our repair services include sealing a shower, bathroom leak repair, bathroom sealing, mouldy grout, and silicone replacement. We also seal leaking balconies without the removal of tiles.

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Mould Replacement

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The professionals in providing resealing solutions for leaking showers. Our dedicated team will ensure you receive the highest quality level of care from start to finish. From our prompt response times to the level of quality in our repair methods. We try to accommodate our customers with our assessment times. No need to take a day of work.

Our experienced technicians will arrive at the scheduled time and do a thorough diagnosis, and fixing leaking shower. We explain the repair process step by step. So you can be certain of the quality of works carried out and know exactly what you are paying for. We promise to listen to your needs and make all possible concessions. Also, we provide fixed price quotes with no hidden extras.

100% Satisfaction guarantee for all your shower repair and shower sealing services.

We only use the best products available on the market. Likewise, our trades are licensed and experienced. After all, we believe that you should only have to repair it once.

Require any shower repairs or bathroom sealing solutions Sydney wide. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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