Is your shower leaking? But don’t want to go through the expense or headache of a bathroom renovation. Don’t stress caught early we explain how to fix a shower leak without removing tiles. A cost-effective sealing solution without the headaches of a shower rebuild.

Finding the source of the Shower Leak

Detecting the source of the shower leak is the first step in ensuring the correct bathroom sealing solution. Because if the cause of the shower leak isn’t properly diagnosed, the leak will continue and cause more damage. Which is why an experienced and licenced professional can make all the difference. To ensure that the correct shower repair method is used to stop the shower leak for good.

The technician should check for signs of water penetration. Including signs of silicone and grout deterioration and any visible tile and structural damage. A thermal imaging camera may also be used to aid with the leak detection tests.

If it appears that a leak is coming from plumbing work such as a leaking pipe. It’s always recommended to contact a local plumber. To provide a pressure test.

Expensive Shower Rebuilds

When a shower leak has been left for a long time, it can cause structural damage. What this means is when the water has been leaking over a prolonged period it can slowly make its way to the structural parts of your home. The wooden joists, floorboards, beams or bearers all which have not been waterproofed. Once it reaches the structural beams it soaks into the wood causing wet rot. Over time weaking the structures.  As a result, the only way to repair the damage is for an expensive shower rebuild. How do I tell if my shower needs a rebuild?

The following signs is what you need to look out for, to determine if you need a rebuild.

  • Tiles on the shower floor which are badly cracked
  • Tiles that are loose
  • Lots of missing tiles either on the shower base or walls
  • Shower base which is damaged beyond repair
  • Total waterproofing failure

For these instances the only options are for a shower rebuild.  Depending on the state of disrepair it can be a Shower Base Rebuild or a Full shower rebuild.

The most effective way to stop a shower leak

By far the simplest and most cost-effective way to stop a shower leak is by resealing the shower with epoxy grout.  Times have changed and both products & sealing solutions have improved dramatically over the years.  Shower sealing eliminates the need for expensive and lengthy rebuilds. Not to mention the fact that over 90% of shower leaks can be fixed without removing tiles.

Most shower leaks occur from building movement. Causing separation of wall to floor junctions and deterioration to the grout. In turn allowing moisture to seep under tiles. Gradually deteriorating the waterproof membrane. Allowing water to spread to the main bathroom floor and adjacent rooms. By resealing the shower this water penetration is stopped.

Repair process of how to fix a shower leak without removing tiles

  • It’s important to that the shower should be completely dry before any repairs can be started. Which is why we recommend that the shower should not be used for 24hours before repairs.
  • Removal if any of any deteriorated and mouldy silicone sealants
  • Removal of existing floor grout, including wall to floor junctions and drain.
  • Thorough clean and vacuum to remove excess dust
  • Application of premium grade epoxy grout to shower base, perimeters and inside and around shower drain.
  • Application of premium grade flexible silicone sealant to all perimeter junctions, vertical joints and shower screen.
  • Application of premium grade flexible silicone sealant to tap spindles where possible.
  • Clean and remove all rubbish

On completion of repairs, shower should be left to dry for 24 hours.

Can you DIY

Repairing a leaking shower is something that should not be undertaken lightly. Although you may initially save money by undertaking the DIY route. But if you lack the experience, proper tools and products. You may end up with a repair that will ultimately cost you more to fix.

By using a professional shower repair company, you can be assured that the shower leak will be fixed permanently. Including the warranty that is provided for your peace of mind.

Premium Shower Repairs by a Company that you can trust

The professionals in providing resealing solutions to fix leaking showers. Our dedicated team will ensure you receive the highest quality level of care from start to finish. From our prompt response times to the level of quality in our repair methods. We try to accommodate our customers with our assessment times. No need to take a day of work.

An experienced technician will arrive at the scheduled time and do a thorough diagnosis.  Including an explanation of the repair process, step by step.  In this way you can be certain of the quality of works carried out and know exactly what you are paying for. We promise to listen to your needs and make all possible concessions. Also, we provide fixed price quotes with no hidden extras. At the completion of the assessment a written quote is emailed outlining the assessment and scope of works. If the quote is accepted the job is then booked in and shower repair carried out as soon as possible.

100% Satisfaction guarantee for all your shower repair and shower sealing services. More importantly we only use the best products available on the market. Likewise, our trades are licensed and experienced. After all, we believe that you should only have to repair it once.  Don’t just take our word for it, just check our reviews. We consistently go above and beyond in not only providing great customer service but quality repairs. See a list of our services performed by SealTech Solutions – Leaking Shower Repairs and Balcony Sealing.

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