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Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting Services

Sealtech we are here for epoxy grouting Sydney wide. Starting a bathroom renovation or repair? Consider using epoxy grout for all your tile re-grouting needs. It’s the perfect waterproof sealing system for wet areas in your home. Because of it’s durability and resistance to water, chemicals and mould it is the grout of choice. Especially for areas exposed to high moisture, chemicals, and heavy traffic. Epoxy grout is perfectly suited for bathrooms, leaking shower repairs, and balcony repairs. Our epoxy regrouting services extend to both residential and commercial customers in Sydney. Need to discuss how my services can help you. Click on the links below to connect with our friendly team.

Regrouting your tiles with Epoxy

When considering your grouting options. It’s good to know the difference in grout that is available in the current market. In this way, you can make an informed choice. Our recommendation is to use epoxy grout for regrouting and resealing jobs.

Epoxy vs Cementitious Grout

Conventional grout also known as cement grout is made from a mixture based on cement. Unfortunately, it’s also a porous compound that readily breaks down over time. Cementitious grout has a tendency to absorb water, stain and crack easily. In contrast, epoxy grout is made from epoxy resins and a hardener making it waterproof. Furthermore, it’s a durable product that won’t crack, stain or shrink. It’s resistance to chemicals found in cleaning products is an added bonus. It is the premier grout to use for areas that are exposed to intense moisture, high traffic or extreme weather conditions. Because of its extreme durability and ability to repel water. Not only is it ideal for fixing leaking showers. But leaking balconies can be sealed without the need to remove tiles. A high-quality grade epoxy is flexible so it won’t crack and will allow room for building movement. It truly is the best choice for leaking shower repairs or balcony repairs. As there is no need to remove tiles the cost benefits are significant in comparison to rebuilds.

SealTech Solutions specialises in all epoxy tile grouting applications for both commercial and residential clients. Learn more about our other tile regrouting services.

Suitable Applications

Options are limitless! Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Ideal for hygiene sensitive environments, hospitals, cafe kitchens, and aged care facilities.

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Grout Colours

Light Grey,  Mid Grey,  Dark Grey (charcoal), Cream, Sandstone and White.

Epoxy Grout Benefits


Extremely durable






Easy maintenance


Resistant to Chemicals


Cures in 24 hours

The Complete Waterproof seal System that stops the water leaks

Waterproof & Hygienic Grout

Epoxy Grout is the king of all grouts. In the past it was generally used more for commercial applications. Mainly because of it’s many benefits over cementitious grout. In particular it’s resistance to water, durability and hygiene to name just a few. For this reason it made it’s made it’s way to the residential sector.

Outdoor Tiles

Summer months can bring a beating to your outdoor tiles. Weather conditions, water & chemicals. All these can erode the grout and silicone allowing water to penetrate under tiles. Unfortunately, normal cement grout absorbs the moisture and chemicals. In time, the cementitious grout deteriorates allowing for water penetration under the tiles. That’s why it’s vital to use a grout that can withstand the elements. Particularly important with balconies. Notably when a leak occurs it will be seen on the lower level.  Accordingly we have a balcony sealing service to combat any balcony leaks.

Please be aware porous tiles such as travertine, limestone or sandstone will still need to be sealed with a non-slip sealant to ensure a complete sealing solution

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Pool Surrounds

Waterproofing grout for leaking balcony

Leaking Balcony

Shower Waterproof Grout

Epoxy Grout for Shower Floor

Epoxy Tile re-grouting for commercial kitchens

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