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Correct Bathroom waterproofing sealing in wet areas is critical. Not only for the visual aspects but to safeguard the structures of your home. Water leaking into wall and floor spaces can easily rot your structural timbers. Unfortunately some of these leaks are not visible to the naked eye immediately. By the time the leaks appear on surrounding area you know that your waterproofing has been compromised.
Many factors can lead to the deterioration of your membrane. SealTech Solutions in Sydney will provide you with products and services that will seal your bathroom or shower leak. Our qualified and experienced technician can assess your bathroom leak. Then provide you with the right process to waterproof your leak.

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Why is waterproofing necessary?

Waterproofing membrane protects your home from water damage.  One of the wettest rooms in your home is the bathroom. We use our showers every day several times a day depending on the number of people in the household. If your bathroom is not waterproofed correctly, water will seep to nearby areas. Causing structural damage to your home. With this intention, regulations are in place to ensure the correct installation. Waterproofing must be applied according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The Australian Standards (AS 3740-2010) for domestic wet areas.  Needless to say membranes should always be installed by a licensed waterproofer.  A quality installation will protect your home from structural damage caused by water penetration. 

Damage caused by Bathroom Leaks

Some will be obvious but it is the unseen damage that will be the most costly to repair.

  • Mould & Mildew
  • Rotted Bathroom Architraves
  • Rising damp on adjoining walls
  • Wet flooring near bathroom
  • Damage to structural beams, posts

When your shower waterproofing Fails

Shower Waterproofing

Shower Leaks and your Waterproof Membrane

After a period of time, your waterproof membrane can break down.  Building movement within the expansion joints can cause the waterproof membrane to fail. If the grout has deteriorated or tiles are cracked.  Water will penetrate under tiles saturating the cement screed and surrounding structural areas.

A common method to fix a shower leak was to rebuild the shower base floor. This method is expensive as well as time-consuming. Products that are available today can save you both time and money. SealTech Solutions in Sydney provides a cost-effective waterproofing system without removing tiles.

Bathroom Waterproofing in shower Shower Sealed

No Stress Shower Waterproofing without removing tiles

Our waterproofing sealing system enables us to stop your bathroom leaks or shower leak with no tiles removed. Saving you time and money in bathroom repairs.

SealTech Solutions has a combination of specialized products and systems that allow us to completely seal your bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Our qualified trade will check the integrity of your shower or bathroom. They will remove any mould, replace broken tiles & seal leaks with the appropriate grout and sealant. SealTech Solutions will leave your bathroom in pristine condition.