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Balcony Sealing Services Sydney

SealTech’s balcony sealing services can reseal & waterproof your leaking balcony. All without the need to remove tiles. In turn saving you both time and money.  Balconies leak for many different reasons. That is why it’s important to have an assessment by a qualified professional. Not only will they trace the source of the leak. As seasoned professionals they will recommend the right waterproof sealing solution for the balcony leak.   Discover more information about fixing balcony leaks from our blog page.

Want to speak to one of our staff about booking a free onsite assessment. Or need further information about our affordable waterproofing solution for tiled balconies. We will be glad to help. Give us a call or drop us an email on the link below.  As a note we also provide shower sealing services in case you also have a problem with a shower leak.

The Balcony waterproofing sealing system that stops the leaks

If your balcony waterproofing has failed, don’t stress. With today’s technological advances in most cases there is no need to retile. There is a more economical way to seal the leak without the stress and hassle of a rebuild. Our epoxy grouting sealing service will leakproof your balcony at a fraction of the cost of retiling.

Balcony Sealing

Waterproofing for balcony

The balcony sealing service includes the following steps

  • Saw grinding the floor & perimeter grout to the required depth. This includes removing the existing silicone from all the perimeters perimeters. If there is a skirting tile this will also be included in the process
  • The application of specialized full epoxy grout to all internal junctions and perimeters. Including skirting tiles if any
  • Sealing inside and around floor waste with epoxy grout
  • Application of commercial grade polyurethane sealant to all perimeter junctions and vertical joints within the balcony.
  • Sealing of all external door frame on balcony entrance
  • Clean & remove rubbish

Please note the balcony sealing service can only be offered if the balcony is structurally sound.

balcony waterproofing without removing tiles

Balcony Sealing from $155 psm*

The Right choice for Balcony sealing Repairs

Is a leaking balcony causing damage to your home? Delays in fixing a balcony leak will ultimately end up costing you more to repair.

Water leaks can not only ruin the visual elements such as plaster and paint. Equally important are the structural elements that you can’t see. As these will be the most expensive to repair. Balcony leaks are caused by a variety of reasons. Hence the importance of assessments by experienced professionals.

Building movement along with extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc with your balcony. Exposure to the elements rain & sun slowly erode the grout & silicone. As a result allowing water to penetrate under tiles. Which will gradually erode your waterproof membrane. Once this occurs water will make it’s way to the substrate of your home. Water damage caused by a balcony leak that has been overlooked  can add thousands of dollars to repair costs.

Our affordable balcony waterproof sealing repair services and balcony resealing is designed to save you time & money. Epoxy regrouting can reseal your balcony without the need to remove tiles.  A product that is moisture and chemical resistant. Easy to maintain and can withstand all weather conditions. As an added measure we will also add polyurethane silicone to all perimeter junctions. Epoxy grout is the most affordable way to seal your balcony leaks without removing tiles.

Please be aware that if there are structural damages on the balcony. A balcony resealing service will not be able to be completed. In cases like this, a balcony rebuild is required. This involves removing existing tiles, repairing structural damage, balcony waterproofing and re-tiling.

Don’t wait for structural damage to occur catch the leak quickly.

Balcony resealing & rejuvenation

Your outdoor tiles can take a beating from the elements. Making them look tired and weathered. Grout deterioration allows water to penetrate beneath the tiles. Causing calcification of tiles. We can help you refresh your outdoor area with our tile rejuvenation service.

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  • PSealant Replacement
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