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Leaking balcony repairs Sydney

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Balcony Waterproofing System without the removal of tiles

Our Balcony repair service will seal your balcony leak while being easy on your budget. With our waterproof sealing solution, we can stop the leak without the need to remove any tiles. Minimal disruption to your home and life while being cost-effective. 

By utilising the latest technology our experienced tradesman is able to accurately diagnose the source of the leak. Once the full assessment is completed,  he will recommend the appropriate solution for your balcony repair. 

Balcony leaks can be a major concern for both homeowners and landlord's alike. Left untreated over long periods they can lead to long term structural problems. Don't wait too long to take action as balcony re-builds can be expensive and lengthy. Especially when living in a high rise apartment,  your balcony leak not only affects your property but your neighbours as well. 

We cover all your outdoor grout repair and sealing needs, from balconies, patios, pool surrounds to common floor areas in apartment blocks. Due to the extreme Australian weather conditions, we recommend using Epoxy grout.  

SealTech Solutions offers 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our products and workmanship. We give our customers the best service and affordable sealing solutions to meet your budget and needs. 

Call our family team today to discuss your requirements  on  1300 356 703

Common Causes of a Leaking Balcony

This is just a sample of some factors that may trigger leaks in a balcony. By no way is this a comprehensive list. Every leak is unique that's why it's always important to have a professional assess your leaking balcony and give you the correct resolution for your leakage problem for enduring results while still being budget-friendly.

  • Most balcony leaks occur because of waterproofing membrane failure, sometimes through the incorrect application or the use of a cheap and inferior product.
  • Minimal falls - Most balconies in high rise apartments have been built with minimal falls and inadequate drainage thus putting extra demands on the waterproofing.
  • Extreme weather conditions heat, cold, wind and rain play a significant effect on the expansion and contraction of joints in balconies
  • Perimeter seals have deteriorated over time and exposure to the elements
  • Cracked, porous or loose grout allowing water to be absorbed underneath the tiles.
  • Cracked or broken tiles

Have any concerns about leaking balconies,  We're here to help with any issues regarding leaking balcony repairs.

Warning Signs of a Leaking Balcony

These are just an example of some warning signs of a balcony leaking.

  • If the balcony leak is visible on the underside of the balcony
  • Cracked grout, loose or broken tiles, broken silicone sealant around perimeters
  • Balcony drain blocked for a period of time adding extra pressure on waterproofing
  • Joinery in the door opening on the balcony deteriorated
  • Water running down walls or ceilings

Leaking Balcony Repair Assessment

There are many factors which can lead to a leaking balcony that's why it's vital to get a comprehensive assessment by a professional. We don't just treat the visible signs of a leak, we ensure all underlying issues are corrected at the source to ensure the leak has been stopped permanently. Our thermal imaging camera can accurately detect where the water is trapped without the removal of tiles, meaning no destruction to your property.

Even small leaks left untreated over time can cause substantial damage to the waterproof membrane.  In some cases, water leaking from a balcony can enter your home or in the case of high rise apartments the neighbouring apartments causing water damage to their walls and ceilings.

Determining where the leak has come from as well as what originally caused it is crucial to the solution provided. 

Caught early balcony repairs can be easily sealed without the need to remove tiles causing minimal disruption and cost-effective.

Once a thorough assessment has been completed our technician provide you with an honest and precise analysis of the issues discovered showing all thermal imagery and then recommend appropriate repairs to ensure the balcony is 100% waterproofed. Sealtech Solutions, Will ensure the best method for leaking balcony repairs Sydney

Balcony Repairs in Sydney

SealTech Solutions we service all suburbs within the Sydney wide region, both commercial and domestic, from a multi-level high rise apartment block to your residential balconies. 

Call us today to discuss your repair needs on 1300 356 703

Some Signs of A Leaking balcony

Stop your Balcony Leaks

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Warning Signs of a Balcony Leak

 These are just an example of some warning signs of a balcony leaking.

  • If the balcony leak is visible on the underside of the balcony
  • Cracked grout, loose or broken tiles, broken silicone sealant around perimeters
  • Balcony drain blocked for a period of time adding extra pressure on waterproofing
  • Joinery in the door opening on the balcony deteriorated
  • Water running down walls or ceilings

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Leaking Balcony sealing Services

Balcony Repairs/Sealing

Leaking balcony repairs are our specialty. Because of the extreme weather conditions we only recommend using epoxy grout which is a hard-wearing product that is non-porous, flexible and practically stain-proof.  Because of its durability, it can withstand all weather conditions and is ideal for high traffic areas indoors and out, and balconies which are exposed to the harsh elements. That's why we believe it is the most economical product to seal your balcony leaks without removing any tiles.
Please be aware that if there are major structural damages on the balcony that we are unable to perform the no tiles removed seal. In these cases it would consist of major construction changes that would involve removing existing tiles, repairing any structural damage, waterproofing and re-tiling.
Don't wait for structural damage to occur catch the leak quick.
For expert advice call SealTech Solutions Today 1300 356 703
for all your balcony repairs

Outdoor Rejuvenation & Sealing Services

Australians love the great outdoors, it's a way of life for us. But over time these areas can become dull and lifeless from exposure to the elements or general wear and tear. We can transform your tiled areas back to life and give them that clean fresh look again. 

Our Outdoor Services Include

  • Re-grouting
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Sealant Replacement
  • General Pressure Clean
  • Balcony Repairs - Patios - Pool Surrounds and more

Contact us to discuss solutions on how to bring your patio back to life.

Epoxy Grout -Tiled Pool Surrounds

During the warmer months Pool Surrounds are exposed to both high traffic, extreme weather conditions, lots of water and chemicals such as salt and chlorine.  Unfortunately, normal cement grout absorbs the moisture and chemicals because it is a porous material allowing calcium decay to form on tile and grout joints.  That's why it's vital to use a grout that can withstand the elements, water and chemicals that surround your pool area. Epoxy grout is resistant to cracks, chemicals, stains and the extreme weather conditions.

It can even please the aesthetics of a pool because it can come in a variety of colours to match your pool tiles.

Please be aware that pools surround which are tiled with a porous tile such as travertine, limestone or sandstone will still need to be sealed with a non-slip sealant to ensure a complete affordable sealing solution for your pool surround. Servicing leaking balcony repairs Sydney.

Balcony sealing solutions

Tile Re-grouting

Outdoor Tile regrouting, regrouting services, Re-grouting, grout, grouting

Harsh climate changes and general wear & tear can wreak havoc on the grout in your tiled areas.  Once the grout has been damaged a variety of problems can occur ranging from loose or lifted tiles, damage to the waterproof membrane system and more.

Balcony Waterproofing

Balcony leaking repairs Sydney, balcony waterproofing, balcony leaks, waterproof balcony

Balcony waterproofing systems without the removal of tiles.  Minimal disturbance and cost-effective sealing solutions.

Waterproof Epoxy grout

Epoxy Grout Pool Surrounds Repair, waterproof solutions, waterproofing

Harsh temperature changes, excessive water and pool chemicals all cause damage to the grout surrounding your pool tiles. Epoxy grout is a hard-wearing product that doesn't shrink, chip or crack and repels most chemicals and acids.  In essence, it's the perfect product to use in and around pools.